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Upon Her Lips

4 Episodes โ€ข Drama, LGBTQ+

Upon Her Lips: Touch and Go - Ever had the feeling where someone has gotten so close to you, yet at the same time seemed so far away? For these women and young girls, this is a moment that could change their lives forever. But will they act on their impulses, or let chance fade away?


Maja Clementsen Hansen (Julie) , Beth Marie (Mina) , Shelly Levy (Raniya) , Kate Lassman Long (Georgia) , Rebecca Marder (Lisa) , Katy Reece (Lana)


Cait Lyn Adamson


Guillaume Lijour


Some Girls


Shy and quiet Mina vies for the affections of Lana - but she struggles to come to terms with her sexuality.

** Dir. Cait Lyn Adamson **



It is the 1920s in the French countryside and Lisa, going for a swim, is swept up in a journey of self-discovery.

** Dir. Nicolas Sarkissian **



Hairdresser Raniya explores her sexuality through secretly flirting with her crush, Julie.

** Dir. Sidsel Mรธller Johnsen **

The Guitar Lesson


Teenager Lucile is browsing a music shop where she encounters Mona, a young woman with an electric aura.

** Dir. Guillaume Lijour **

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