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Upon Her Lips

5 Episodes Drama, LGBTQ+

Upon Her Lips: Pure Feels - From Germany to Israel, Sweden to Brazil, girls and women face up to their wants and desires - their passions past, and lovers present. A mix of laughter, tears and warm inside feels, come and enjoy these tales and fall in love with the stories upon her lips. ‘Upon Her Lips’ is the exciting first chapter in a whole new film series dedicated to lesbian cinema.


Siham Shurafa (Johanna) , Dafi Shoshana-Alpern (Ela) , Lisa Henni (Sandra) , Cécile Cassel (Marion) , Eva Nürnberg (Janine) , Anouk Bödeker (Svenja) , Carolina Bianchi (Christine) , Charlie Bartocci (Adèle)


Rushema Vinberg


Marie Jardillier


Esther Bialas


Tzurit Hartzion


Leandro Goddinho


Fake It


Eccentric artist Zohar enlists the help of her ex, a reluctant Ela, to resurrect their past through photography.

Dir. Tzurit Hartzion

Tumbling Birds


Temptation draws schoolgirl Svenja to dazzling and popular classmate Janine. What is Svenja willing to sacrifice to have a chance at joining the in crowd?

Dir. Esther Bialas

Among the Mermaids


Marion’s finally going to tell her friends she’s no longer single. Despite loving each other’s company, the women don’t quite know each other as well as they first thought.

Dir. Marie Jardillier

Everything in Between


An ordinary woman and an ordinary girl have an extraordinary experience that etches itself in the memory of one of them. This is that memory, but remembering proves to be a fickle thing…

Dir. Rushema Vinberg



On a quest to understand her grandmother’s past, Claudia meets Marlene, an old and reclusive woman who’s created an homage to her memories inside an empty swimming pool.

Dir. Leandro Goddinho

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