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West North West

2h 5m • Drama, Romance

Kei (Hanae Kan) and her model girlfriend Ai (Yuka Yamauchi) are about to take their first big step in life: moving in together. One evening, at a café, Kei meets Naima (Sahel Rosa), an Iranian student studying Japanese art. Despite their vast cultural differences, the two soon become friends connecting on a new level that Kei did not experience with Ai.

As the pair grow closer Ai becomes increasingly jealous of the friendship. Worried that she will lose Kei, Ai begins to make demands, looking for comfort in the security of their relationship. Kei must confront her feelings even if it takes her down path she never knew she wanted.

Set in a modern-day Japan Takuro Nakamura’s WEST NORTH WEST is an honest and captivating film that delicately explores the complexities of gender, nationality and religious identity.


Japanese, Persian





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