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The Book of Gabrielle

1h 19m โ€ข Comedy, Drama, LGBTQ+ โ€ข 2018

Gabrielle is writing an illustrated guide book on sex called โ€˜How To Do It.โ€™ At a book signing she meets Saul, an established male writer who is straight. She both loves and hates his work which has seeped into her secular Jewish life from childhood. The more Gabrielle tells him about her book the more he wants to know about her life; the relationship with her younger girlfriend Olivia and her determination to โ€œstop using my penis in sexโ€. As her book takes form, her friendship with Saul is tested and her relationship comes under fire as she starts to wonder, does Saul want something more than friendship?


Lisa Gornick (Gabrielle) , Allan Corduner (Saul) , Joni Kamen (Fiona) , Anna Koval (Olivia)


Lisa Gornick


Lisa Gornick

Executive Producer

Naomi Gornick




United Kingdom


Peccadillo Pictures

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