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Concerned Citizen

1h 21m โ€ข Drama, Comedy โ€ข 2022

In this wickedly funny satire of middle-class mores, liberal gay man Ben moves with his partner into an apartment in a run down but up-and-coming neighbourhood. In an effort to improve the area Ben plants a tree outside his building, a good deed which unwittingly triggers a series of events that result in the brutal arrest of an Eritrean immigrant. Guilt stricken, and with his vision of himself and society shaken, Ben experiences a crisis that threatens to destroy his relationship and aspirations of fatherhood.

Writer-director Idan Haguelโ€™s dark comedy mercilessly dissects the insidious ways in which privilege and entitlement can unleash the prejudice within.


Idan Haguel








Peccadillo Pictures

Bonus Content

Idan, The Concerned Citizen


During the 2022 UK Jewish Film Festival, Peccadillo sat down with writer-director Idan Haguel to discuss CONCERNED CITIZEN. In this snippet, Idan introduces himself as a filmmaker and his inspirations behind the film.

Inside Idan's Mind


Writer-director Idan Haguel talks through the process of creating CONCERNED CITIZEN, from shooting, to editing and music composition.



In this snippet, writer-director of CONCERNED CITIZEN, Idan Haguel, goes deeper into the production process, focusing on how he came to find his central actors, Shlomi Bartonov and Ariel Wolf.

The Power of Satire


Writer-director of CONCERNED CITIZEN, Idan Haguel, reflects on his relationship with satire.

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