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Girls Feels

5 Episodes Drama, Coming of Age

Girls Feels: Skin Deep - Discover a deft and exhilarating array of girlhood tales that explore themes of sexuality, family grief, first kisses and the complexities of nationality. And whether it’s a once in a lifetime television audition or a gruelling boxing competition - for these young women the chance to shine is sometimes worth the risk.


Angélique Gernez (Angélique) , Grace Seri (Seyna) , Cécilia Vos (Cato) , Ko Zandvliet (Douwe) , Sarra Hannachi (Sarra)


Josza Anjembe


Sarah Veltmayer


Lise Akoka


Amel Guellaty


Marit Weerheijm


Never Forget


Fourteen-year-old Jessie dreams about a perfect first time, but when she finds herself connected to a ‘player’ she has to choose between losing face or a disastrous first kiss.

Dir. Sarah Veltmayer

Chasse Royale


Thirteen year-old Angélique lives with her many brothers and sisters in the suburb of a French town One day, at school, she is offered to audition for a film, something that arouses sensations within her for the first time, which she struggles to come to terms with.

Dir. Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret

The Blue White and Red of my Hair


Bright teenager Seyna excels at school, yet faces unexpected obstacles on her mission to become a French citizen. From the disapproval of her Cameroonian father to the limitations of a camera lens, things eventually come to a head.

Dir. Josza Anjembe

When Grey is a Colour


At a secluded farm, young Cato struggles to reconnect with her troubled teenage brother as he moves back home. Their parents constantly keep an eye on him, while Cato watches him too, yearning to reconnect.

Dir. Marit Weerheijm

Black Mamba


For Sarra, a middle-class girl from Tunis, everything seems to be going as her mother planned: she is taking sewing lessons and she is soon to be married to a good boy. But Sarra is hiding a secret.

Dir. Amel Guellaty

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