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Girls Feels

5 Episodes Drama, Coming of Age

​Girls Feels: Forces of Nature - The indomitable urge of the human spirit comes face to face with the societal pressures that keep young women’s wants, bodies and desires under wraps in these five stories from France, Italy and the Netherlands that celebrate the diversity and complexity of girls and teens discovering their agency.


Manon Valentin (Aurore) , Megan Northam (Clara) , Alice Mazodier (Marie) , Charline Antunes (Jade)


Laura Samani


Mael le Mée


Thomas Vernay


The Sleeping Saint


Giacomina is twelve, and has been chosen as guardian of Saint Achillea’s statue for the annual procession. But then her best friend, Silene, is found in a state of paralysis. While the village is hailing it as a miracle, Giacomina is the only one wondering whether everything is really lost.

Dir. Laura Samani



In a village in the French countryside, young Aurore starts to notice strange changes in her body. It’s almost as if she has super powers bestowed upon her by the nature that flourishes around her.

Dir. Mael Le Mée

Grand Tour


Grand Tour is the portrait of a 16-year old girl who travels to an island for a nocturnal meeting with the first love of her life, until the next morning when she faces the naked reality of their love.

Dir. Floor Houwink ten Cate

Miss Chazelles


On a hot summer’s day in a secluded village, we follow beauty pageant rivals Clara and Marie. Throughout the festivities tensions rise between Clara’s friends and Maries’s family. The girls, however, are more interested in something else: each other.

Dir. Thomas Vernay



Eleven-year-old Jade has only one thing on her mind: to take part in the Grand Prix des Kaolins, the summer quarry motocross championship. The fact she is wheelchair-bound is not going to hold her back.

Dir. Corentin Lemetayer Le Brize

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