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Girls Feels

4 Episodes Drama, Coming of Age

​Girls Feels: Into the Blue - Dive into these exciting festival-favourite short films from France, Lithuania and the UK that explore the hopes, loves, aspirations and even the darker side of girls on the cusp of adulthood.


Louise Salter (Jane) , Céline Berti (Marion) , Violette Gitton (Élise) , Ena Letourneux (Ena)


Léa Mysius


Paul Guilhaume


Alex Withers


Célia Bchir


Off Season


It’s summer. Marion is a life guard in a small seaside resort. Although discreet and solitary, she encounters Élise, and the pair strike up a friendship. But one day, when a female swimmer Marion has been watching drowns, the event reveals a hidden side of her personality.

Dir. Célia Bchir

The Yellow Island


Eleven-year-old Ena encounters a young fisherman at a port. He offers her an eel and makes a date with her for the following Sunday on the other side of the pond. However another boy, who has a disfigured face, grabs her attention, leading to events taking a different turn.

Dir. Léa Mysius, Paul Guilhaume

The Swimmer


Ten year old Grete meets nineteen year old Ariel, a professional swimmer, whose father is also her coach. Ariel is preparing for the upcoming Olympics but she is deeply worried about her leg pain. Despite the age difference, the two become friends as Ariel helps Grete to overcome her fear of jumping into the water. However, Ariel’s leg ache becomes more and more painful…

Dir. Gabriele Urbonaite



Young competitive swimmer Jane’s promising career is thrown into question when the effects of epilepsy return to haunt her life.

Dir. Alex Withers

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