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Boys On Film

11 Episodes Drama, Comedy, Romance, Short Films, LGBT

Let BOYS ON FILM move, inspire and uplift you with this stunning collection of 11 new gay short films, marking the final physical edition of the series. Featuring stars George Webster (STRICTLY), Enzo Vogrincic (SOCIETY OF THE SNOW), Simon Retford (CORONATION STREET), and Jeremy McClain (POSE) amongst others, BOYS ON FILM 24: HAPPY ENDINGS presents over two hours of unashamedly positive stories of love, sex and romance.


Jack Holden (Rev. Neil Marlow) , George Webster (Sam) , Sam Retford (Sam) , Enzo Vogrincic (Lucas) , Jeremy McClain (Joshua)


Jason Bradbury


Jesse Ung


Itai Jamshy


Fabia Martin


Sara Larrota


Benjamin Belloir


Jeremy McClain


Arthur Cahn


Neil Ely


We Collide


WE COLLIDE follows two young concert goers whose meeting in a mosh pit results explosively.

Part of the BMW x BFIChallenge, Peccadillo alumnus and director Jason Bradbury’s WE COLLIDE is an examination of love as well as the screen and its capabilities.



Modern times have made it much easier to connect with strangers, especially when it comes to hook ups. But that doesn’t always mean that your first time is any easier. When Steven, a closeted Chinese student in New Zealand invites a stranger over for a hook up, he learns that who you choose to lose your virginity to can make or break that experience.

Jesse Ung’s short takes a candid look at hook up culture in the modern world and the trials and tribulations of losing your virginity.

Sea Sparkles


Before his performance in the Oscar-nominated SOCIETY OF THE SNOW, Enzo Vogrincic starred in SEA SPARKLES as a young man about to leave his home in Uruguay. Mere hours before his departure, he has a one-night stand with Juan, an immigrant, which incites him to truly meditate on what he wants from life. Diego Alvarez Parra’s short is a stunning piece that makes audiences question their relationship with home.



Flip-flopping between scenes from a family outing and a gay bathhouse, Yariv, a timid photographer cannot seem to decide where he truly belongs. When your identity seems to have so many different contradictions, how do you figure out who you are? Based on writer-director Itai Jamshy’s personal experiences, ALOOF paints a picture of always feeling displaced.

The Rev


Jack Holden (THE LEVELLING) plays the eponymous character in writer-director Fabia Martin’s debut short about self-discovery. Caught in a repetitive loop of giving sermons to a lacklustre crowd, Reverend Neil Marlow can’t help but feel uninspired. When he is spontaneously asked to organise a funeral, he allows his imagination to run free. Filled with fun and laughter, THE REV is a glittery celebration of staying true to yourself.



High strung Samuel is an aspiring piano player. Despite practising religiously, something is missing from Samuel’s music. That is until he meets Camilo, a carefree actor. Alejandro Sandoval and Sara Larotta’s PRELUDE is an inspiring testament to what Celine Dion would call, the power of love.

Beautiful Stranger


After being abruptly dumped by his long-time boyfriend and missing his train, Romain checks himself into a two-star hotel. Deciding to drown his breakup blues, he invites over an American Don Juan, but things don’t go as planned. Writer-director Benjamin Belloir’s BEAUTIFUL STRANGER takes a comedic and zany spin on the journey of finding self-love.

You Like That


Actor turned director Jeremy McClain (FX’s POSE)’s directorial debut follows Joshua, an American literature student studying in Edinburgh, who makes ends meet by performing online. Lost in this hypersexual digital world, Joshua dreams of the kind of love he’s only read about in classic literature.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday


When their factory unexpectedly catches on fire, work best friends Romain and Adémar decide to spend the long weekend together. Writer-director Arthur Cahn’s short is a beautiful and sweet portrayal of friendship.

L'homme Inconnu


Louis, a writer struggling with writer’s block travels to the Côte d’Azur to write in solace. When he spots the mysterious Tommy and his girlfriend, truth and fantasy begin to blend.

Anthony Schatteman’s (YOUNG HEARTS) beautifully shot film plays homage to Alain Guiraudie’s STRANGERS BY THE LAKE.



From writer-director dynamic duo Neil Ely and Lloyd Eyre-Morgan comes a touching story of two boys who form an unlikely bond on the swings of their local park. When the misunderstood Sam (Sam Retford, CORONATION STREET) and the popular Sam (George Webster, STRICTLY) bond over their shared name, one of them begins to catch feelings. Boys on Film alumni Neil Ely (MIRRORS, BOYS ON FILM 13) and Lloyd Eyre-Morgan (CLOSETS, BOYS ON FILM 15)’s latest film is bound to move even the coldest of hearts.

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