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Who's Gonna Love Me Now?

1h 26m โ€ข Documentary, LGBTQ+ โ€ข 2016

At the age of 21 Saar Maoz arrived in the UK after being kicked out from his religious Kibbutz. Following the highs and lows that accompanied his newfound freedom Saar discovered an alternative family with The London Gay Menโ€™s Chorus. After 19 years, Saar has reached out to his conservative and religious Israeli family in an attempt at reconciliation. Now his parents are coming to visitโ€ฆ WHOโ€™S GONNA LOVE ME NOW? celebrates the triumph of love over hate, of understanding over ignorance and the melding of cultures who traditionally view each other as extreme. This isnโ€™t Saar Moazโ€™s singular journey, it is a monumental trek undertaken by his entire family.


Tomer Heymann


Barak Heymann


Hebrew, English




Israel, United Kingdom


Peccadillo Pictures

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