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Who's Afraid Of Vagina Wolf

1h 19m Drama, Comedy, Romance, LGBTQ+ 2013

Anna is a charismatic but struggling filmmaker facing a midlife crisis, having turned 40, she lives in her friend’s garage in L.A., dances in a vagina costume for money, and has neither job nor girlfriend. Just when she’s about to give up on both, she meets sexy post-feminist, Katia. To impress her new muse, Anna decides to write and direct an all-female remake of ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ casting Katia and her best friends Chloe and Penelope in the film. Along the way, with the help of those around her, she discovers some home truths with hilarious results.


Anna Margarita Albelo (Anna) , Guinevere Turner (Penelope) , Janina Gavankar (Katia Amour) , Carrie Preston (Chloe)




United States


Peccadillo Pictures

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