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The Mattachine Family

1h 39m • Drama, LGBTQ+ • 2023

Starring Nico Tortorella (THE WALKING DEAD: WORLD BEYOND, SCREAM 4) and Juan Pablo Di Pace (FULLER HOUSE, MAMMA MIA!) as the very much in love Thomas and Oscar, and featuring a supporting cast featuring Emily Hampshire (SCHITT’S CREEK) and Carl Clemons-Hopkins (HACKS), THE MATTACHINE FAMILY is a story about family, both made and found. When their foster child reunites with his birth mother, husbands Thomas and Oscar’s paths begin to diverge. Oscar’s acting career finally picks up, taking him out of state for filming for months at a time. Meanwhile, Thomas begins a journey of self-discovery, trying to figure out what he wants from life and what it means to be gay today. Loosely based on director Andy Vallentine and writer Danny Vallentine’s own lived experiences as husbands and potential fathers, THE MATTACHINE FAMILY tells a story about the universality of love, family, and community. THE MATTACHINE FAMILY was produced by Zach Braff (GARDEN STATE), Scot Boland (THE HOBBIT), and Mike Diaz.


Nico Tortorella (Jake Choi) , Juan Pablo Di Pace (Oscar) , Jake Choi (Jamie) , Garrett Clayton (Jake) , Emily Hampshire (Leah) , Heather Matarazzo (Annie)


Andy Vallentine


Danny Vallentine




United States


Peccadillo Pictures

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