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The Lost Boys (Le Paradis)

1h 23m • Drama • 2023

Joe is about to be released from a detention centre. Should the judge approve his discharge, he will return to society and an uncertain life on the other side of the security fence. But when a new detainee, William, arrives in his facility, Joe starts to question his desire for freedom.

Featuring stand-out performances from Khalil Gharbia (PETER VON KANT) and Julien De Saint Jean (LIE WITH ME), filmmaker Zeno Graton’s acclaimed first feature THE LOST BOYS is a compelling and sensitively observed portrait of burgeoning masculinity and queer sexuality.


Khalil Ben Gharbia (Joe) , Julien De Saint Jean (William) , Eye Haïdara (Sophie)


Zeno Graton




Belgium, France


Peccadillo Pictures

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