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1h 27m Drama, Romance, transgender 2022

Caz (Elz Carrad) returns for the first time since he transitioned to the home he fled a decade earlier – the remote Kiwi town of Rūrangi. Despite the profound changes of the intervening years, Caz attempts to reconnect with family and friends - including his ex-boyfriend Jem (Arlo Green), who is still wounded by Caz’s sudden disappearance.

Max Currie’s powerful film is an authentic and emotional tale of gender, racial and sexual identity in modern day New Zealand.


Max Currie


Cole Meyers


Oliver Page


English, Maori

Closed Captions [CC]



New Zealand


Peccadillo Pictures

Bonus Content

Episode 1 - Landline


When his closeted, professional rugby player, boyfriend commits suicide, transgender activist Caz Davis burns all bridges with activism and heads back to Rūrangi; the rural home town he cut off all contact with ten years earlier.

Episode 2 - Reminder Notice


Caz reconnects with his old childhood friend Anahera, who takes him to a divisive town meeting where Caz’s father, Gerald, is pushing for a new environmental bylaw to roll back phosphates.

Episode 3 - Heart Acre


Caz can’t bring himself to enter his childhood home with Gerald. He gets drunk with his old high school boyfriend Jem, who’s more intrigued than shocked by Caz’s transition.

Episode 4 - Feeding Chickens


Caz confronts the difficult memories his old home holds, then tries to help Gerald with work on the farm - but the two men start to tear at old wounds.

Episode 5 - Power Outage


After Gerald badly injures himself, Caz and Gerald reconcile at Gerald’s hospital bed. Caz heads to the town hall to give the final reading of Gerald’s proposed bylaw, where he is outed as trans by Richter in an attempt to discredit Gerald’s cause.

Behind the Scenes - Interview with Elz Carrad


Elz Carrad discusses working on Rurangi.

Behind the Scenes - Kaupapa, Our Journey


The cast and crew talk about creating Rurangi.

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