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Remembering the Man

  • Drama, LGBTQ+, Documentary
  • โ€ข
  • 1h 23m

At a prestigious Catholic boys school in Melbourne 1974, Tim Conigrave and John Caleo fell madly in love. Their passionate, tempestuous, operatic romance lasted 16 years, facing disapproval, temptation, separation, and the looming shadow of the Grim Reaper. Their star crossโ€™d relationship was immortalised in Timothy Conigraveโ€™s memoir Holding the Man and has been adapted for stage and screen. Remembering the Man is a feature length documentary based on a long lost audio recording with Timothy Conigrave. This documentary uncovers the true story of how Rome met Romeo; and what happened ever after.


Eleanor Sharpe


Nickolas Bird




English, German



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