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Postcards From London

  • Comedy, Drama, LGBTQ+
  • โ€ข
  • 1h 32m

Essex boy Jim (British rising star Harris Dickinson) comes to Soho in search of fame, fortune and cultural simulation. Down on his luck, he meets โ€˜The Raconteursโ€™, a coterie of male escorts whose unique selling point is their encyclopaedic knowledge of the arts. What follows is Jimโ€™s comic descent from unsuccessful escort, to artistโ€™s muse and art authenticator - a journey complicated by a rare psychosomatic condition called โ€˜Stendhal Syndromeโ€™. Rendering him painfully oversensitive to art, the condition threatens to bring about his downfall whilst opening him up to new opportunities - but is Jim willing to grab them?


Steve McLean


Steve McLean




United Kingdom