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House Of Boys

1h 54m โ€ข Drama, Romance, Erotic, LGBTQ+ โ€ข 2009

It is 1984. Frank is a determined teenager who runs away from high school to find an alternative lifestyle in Amsterdam. He finds a home and a job at the House of Boys, a bar-cum-brothel run by a strict Madame (Udo Kier) who has an eye for what his punters crave. Frank works his way up from barman to on-stage dancer and falls in love with some of his housemates. The first intimations of what is described as โ€˜the gay plagueโ€™, casts a long shadow over Frankโ€™s tight-knit group of friends. Yet despite the troubles that cloud the hopes and dreams of young Frank, his perseverance, along with support from a willing doctor (Stephen Fry), will carry him through. โ€˜House of Boysโ€™ is a glamorous, colourful coming-of-age story that lifts the lid on an exciting world of sex and music, where deep passions suddenly turn into a struggle for courage.


Layke Anderson (Frank) , Udo Kier (Madame) , Stephen Fry (Dr. Marsh) , Steven Webb (Angelo)




Luxembourg, Germany

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