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Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas

1h 31m • Drama, Comedy, LGBTQ+ • 2014

Headstrong Earlene (Ashleigh Sumner) meets the handsome and mysterious Bruno (Miles Szanto) at Venice Beach. These outsiders quickly become friends and when Bruno’s latest scam goes wrong, it forces them to go on the run. On their journey, they meet a sexually confused carjacker, a pair of Scottish ex-strippers and a tap-dancing drag queen, all of whom settle into a little place deep within the Nevada desert. This gaggle of runaways and rebels teach Bruno and Earlene that it is not about the destination, but the getting there that counts. An exciting debut feature from writer/director Simon Savory, Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas is a road movie like never before.


Simon Savory


Simon Savory


Paul Gala


Eben Bolter




United Kingdom, United States

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