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Amen Island

1h 30m • Drama, Horror, Thriller • 2017

A city-dwelling couple and their friend are invited to the remote tidal island of Amen for a surprise birthday party. Husband Rick has been in cahoots with Corinne, an enigmatic Amen Island local, whom he believes holds the answers to his wife’s long-buried family secrets. But the surprise birthday trip soon goes horribly wrong and the trio find themselves trapped by the tide, and at the mercy of the unwelcoming island community. A growing sense of unease turns in to a living nightmare for the visitors and, as the true horror of the situation unfolds, they begin to wish they had never been born.


David Paisley (Rick) , Christina De Vallee (Sadie) , Jill Riddiford (Corinne) , David McGillivray (Pub Landlord) , Hong Khaou (Inseminating Man)


Mark Harriott


Mike Matthews




United Kingdom


Peccadillo Pictures

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