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Anaïs In Love
1h 38m • Comedy, Drama • 2022
A White White Day
1h 49m • Drama, Indie
Embrace Of The Serpent
2h 4m • Drama, Action
In Between
1h 43m • Drama, Indie
Le Grand Voyage
1h 48m • Drama
1h 34m • Drama • 2021
Next to Her
1h 29m • Drama • 2014
Our Children
1h 51m • Crime, Drama • 2013
1h 48m • Drama, History
1h 28m • Indie, Drama
Tehran Taboo
1h 36m • Animation, Drama • 2017
The Ciambra
1h 58m • Drama, Indie
The Collini Case
2h 3m • Drama, Crime • 2021
The German Doctor (Wakolda)
1h 33m • Drama, History
The Golden Dream
1h 48m • Drama
The Levelling
1h 23m • Drama, inde
The Treatment
2h 11m • Drama, Thriller
White Colour Black
1h 23m • Indie, Drama

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