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1h 23m Drama, Indie, LGBTQ+ 2018
50 Years Legal
1h 15m Documentary, History, LGBTQ+ 2012
1h 21m Drama, LGBTQ+, History 1985
Holding The Man
2h 7m Drama, Romance, LGBTQ+ 2016
I Am Divine
1h 30m Documentary, LGBTQ+ 2013
Remembering the Man
1h 23m Drama, LGBTQ+, Documentary 2015
The German Doctor (Wakolda)
1h 33m Drama, History 2013
The Girl King
1h 46m Drama, History, Romance 2016
The Watermelon Woman
1h 25m Drama, Romance, LGBTQ+ 1996
Tom Of Finland
1h 56m Based On True Story, Drama, Erotic 2017
We Were Here
1h 31m Documentary, Biography, History 2010

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