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1h 23m Drama, Indie
52 Tuesdays
1h 50m Drama, Indie
A Girl At My Door
1h 59m Drama, LGBTQ+
A Moment in the Reeds
1h 47m Drama, Romance
A White White Day
1h 49m Drama, Indie
And Then We Danced
1h 53m Drama, Romance
Any Day Now
1h 37m Drama, LGBTQ+
Beach Rats
1h 38m Drama, Indie
1h 21m Drama, LGBTQ+
Carmen & Lola
1h 43m Romance
1h 35m Drama, Romance
Coming Out
1h 5m Documentary, LGBTQ+
Drole De Felix
1h 32m Indie, Drama 2000
Eastern Boys
2h 8m Crime, Drama 2014
Embrace Of The Serpent
2h 4m Drama, Action
End Of The Century
1h 24m Drama, Indie
Girls Lost
1h 46m Drama
In Between
1h 43m Drama, Indie
In The Name Of
1h 38m Drama, LGBTQ+ 2013
Keep The Lights On
1h 41m Drama, Romance 2012
King Of Escape
1h 30m Comedy, Indie 2009
Le Grand Voyage
1h 48m Drama
Les Invisibles
1h 55m Documentary, LGBTQ+
Lola and the Sea
1h 30m Drama 2021
1h 24m Drama, LGBTQ+
1h 25m Drama, Romance
Next to Her
1h 29m Drama 2014
2h 10m Drama, Romance
North Sea Texas
1h 34m Drama, Romance
Our Children
1h 51m Crime, Drama 2013
1h 48m Drama, History
1h 28m Indie, Drama
Reinventing Marvin
1h 55m Drama, Erotic
Remembering the Man
1h 23m Drama, LGBTQ+
1h 39m Drama, Indie
1h 11m Drama, Indie
Stranger By The Lake
1h 40m Crime, Thriller
Tehran Taboo
1h 36m Animation, Drama 2017
The Cakemaker
1h 45m Drama, Indie
The Ciambra
1h 58m Drama, Indie
The Collini Case
2h 3m Drama, Crime 2021
The German Doctor (Wakolda)
1h 33m Drama, History
The Golden Dream
1h 48m Drama
The Levelling
1h 23m Drama, inde
The Samurai
1h 19m Science Fiction, Horror 2014
The Watermelon Woman
1h 25m Drama, Romance
The Wound
1h 28m Drama, Romance
Theo and Hugo
1h 37m Drama, Romance
1h 22m Drama
Two Of Us
1h 35m Drama, Romance
We Were Here
1h 31m Documentary, Biography
1h 37m Drama, Romance
West North West
2h 5m Drama, Romance
White Colour Black
1h 23m Indie, Drama

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