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24m Drama 2023
A Deal With The Universe
1h 34m Documentary, LGBTQ+ 2018
A Girl At My Door
1h 59m Drama, LGBTQ+, Crime 2014
A Moment in the Reeds
1h 47m Drama, Romance, Indie 2017
A Night in the Fields
55m Drama, Coming of Age 2021
A White White Day
1h 49m Drama, Indie 2019
Almost Saw The Sunshine
29m LGBTQ+, Drama, Romance 2018
Amen Island
1h 30m Drama, Horror, Thriller 2017
Anais In Love
1h 38m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2022
And Then We Danced
1h 53m Drama, Romance, LGBTQ+ 2020
And We Collide
19m Drama, Romance 2023
Andy And The Other Women
17m Comedy, Short 2023
Any Day Now
1h 37m Drama, LGBTQ+ 2015
Appropriate Behaviour
1h 26m Comedy, Indie, Drama 2015
April's Last Memories
21m Drama, Short 2023
Are We Lost Forever
1h 44m Drama, Romance, LGBTQ+ 2020
Are You Proud?
1h 35m Documentary, LGBTQ+ 2019
1h 34m Romance, LGBTQ+ 2011

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