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The World Boys

4 Episodes • Drama

​The French Boys 2 - The French boys are back for part deux! Much like their sought after paintings and pastry treats, these delights prove that when it comes to finesse and flavour in filmmaking - you can’t beat the French.​


Solal Forte (Léo) , Yann Gael (Theo) , Stanley Weber (Stéphane) , Manuel Vallade (Marco) , Adama Procida (Willy) , Jean-Baptiste Le Vaillant (Baptiste)


Yohann Kouam


Benjamin Vu


Damien Gault


Mathilde Bayle




In the winter of 1994 in the French suburbs, Léo and Baptiste, two polar opposite students, meet up one evening to work on a school presentation.

The Return


It’s been a year since his big brother Theo left, and fifteen year old Willy, who has always looked up to him, can’t wait for him to return.



One winter morning, a father and his son go for a jog. Along the way, we understand that a barrier has been erected between the pair.

The Swimming Trunks


On holiday on a campsite by the seaside, ten year old Remy is fascinated by Stephan, the father of one of his playmates. This is a new, confusing feeling for him.

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