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The Male Gaze

  • Drama, LGBTQ+
  • โ€ข
  • 7 Episodes

The Male Gaze: Celluloid Dreams - Embark on a journey through celluloid from 1985 to present day in these freshly digitized cinematic pearls from around the world that explore an array of gay encounters from years gone by.



Just out of Reach

As the sun rises, we witness two male bodies emerge from the darkness. One attempts to sneak out unnoticed.

Dir. Jonathan Wald


Toto Forever

A postman and a gangster in trouble with the mafia must evade danger at every turn to keep their passion alive.

Dir. Roberto F. Canuto


Men Don't Cry

One stormy night, soaking wet Ilias arrives uninvited at Petrosโ€™ house. Although Petros would like to be rid of his guest, some truths wonโ€™t go away.

Dir. Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis


Alger la Blanche

When Farid gets into trouble with the police, both his private life and conservative family life hurtle towards one another, with explosive results.

Dir. Cyril Collard


Same Difference

Twin brothers Leon and Noel share their parents, their school and their bunk bed, until a love triangle threatens to tear them apart.

Dir. Harry Richards



Boychick enlists the help of pop star Ashley Hart to give him the hip-strutting, hair-flicking confidence he craves.

Dir. Glenn Gaylord



Luiz Roberto Galizia died young, but he left behind a wealth of personal archives. 30 years later, his niece explores the traces of the uncle she never met.