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The Male Gaze

6 Episodes Drama, LGBTQ+

The Male Gaze: Three’s Company - Two’s company, three’s allowed? From family disputes and unexpected babysitting duties to uncomfortable high school memories, manga drawing and friendships pushed to the next level - the Male Gaze series lifts the lid on six very different gay relationships and encounters. When two become three and outsiders enter the fray, what are the group dynamics at play?


Michael Muller (Gilles) , Antoine Gouy (Vincent) , André Dae Kim (Daniel) , Kristopher Turner (Dylan) , Steven Pigozzo (Carter) , Lika Minamoto (Kiko) , Steven Yaffee (Scott) , Robbie Graham-Kuntz (Young Dylan) , Michael Kaplan (Young Scott)


Raphaël Balboni


Richard Kranzin


Manuel Marmier


Jill Riley


Ann Sirot


Jordi Wijnalda


Golden Boys


Three buddies break into their old private school to try to recapture their adolescence, but troubling memories make them uneasy.

Dir. Jill Riley

In Beating Cells


Four teens drink, swim and party the hours away by a picturesque lake, but soon the sheen starts to come off their idyllic escape.

Dir. Richard Kranzin

The Middle of a Lake


Vincent and boyfriend Olivier find their presence at a funeral gathering is unwelcome when Vincent’s brother Thierry enters the fray.

Dir. Guillaume Mainguet



On a Saturday night in Paris, two enemies are united in their hatred for a third.

Dir. Jordi Wijnalda

Kiko's Saints


When artist Kiko spies a pair of nude muscle-bound lovers frolicking in the surf, she experiences a surge of creative energy.

Dir. Manuel Marmier

With Thelma


Hapless gay couple Jean and Vincent find themselves stuck babysitting the rambunctious Thelma.

Dir. Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni

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