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The Male Gaze

  • Drama, LGBTQ+
  • โ€ข
  • 5 Episodes

The Male Gaze: The Boy is Mine - We wish to make him ours, to keep and to hold forever - but will the boy reciprocate? And is he everything we expected him to be? In these five tales from the UK, France, Sweden, Mexico and the USA, a variety of characters throw caution to the wind and take their chances on a fleeting moment.




A lonely sock sees his chance when a sexy young man is in need of a helping hand.

Dir. Rafael Ruiz Espejo



Josh, a sixteen year-old boy from a small town in the English countryside, finds refuge and solace in the nearby woods. A mysterious encounter will pave the road to self-discovery.

Dir. Fuoco Maria Balduzzi



Bad boy Johnny displays all the warning signs. But for Aurรฉlien, he lights up the room. This is the story of a moth and a flame.

Dir. Jerome Casanova



Chloรฉ, a renowned photographer, gives Philip the chance to be featured alongside well-known model Sebastiaan. Chloรฉ pushes their limits to see just how far they will go.

Dir. Anette Sidor



Manuel is a gay Latino teen who keeps his boyfriend a secret from his father. Confidence comes in the shape of his mother, whose tape recordings he treasures.

Dir. Nicolas Jara