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The Male Gaze

  • Drama, LGBTQ+
  • 6 Episodes

The Male Gaze: The Heat of the Night - When darkness falls, temperatures rise in these six stories from Spain, Israel, Sweden, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Late night confessions, intimacy for sale, high speed hookups and full moon frissons are what bring these hot and bothered souls together - but when the sun comes up and reality reveals itself, will it have all been worth it?




Drew leaves another disappointing gay hook up. Why can’t he get what he wants? Maybe it’s everyone else. Maybe it’s him.

Dir. Eoin Maher


According to Mateo

Mateo and his boyfriend, Marc, arrive home after a night out with Luke, a guy they’ve just met. A threesome is just the beginning…

Dir. Osama Chami & Enrique Gimeno



A German tourist pushes two young Israelis to reach their sexual limitations in pursuit of his impulsive quirks.

Dir. Moshe Rosenthal



When Vincent meets Gustav, everything just seems too perfect. As their love grows, so does his hunger.

Dir. Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh


Petit Ami

Playboy Jasper has a date in a seedy motel with Vincent, a mysterious older man. For Jasper it’s just another day on the job, until he discovers Vincent’s secret.

Dir. Anthony Schatteman


Skai Blue

Tom meets Simon, a Cameroonian refugee, on a dating app. They have a passionate relationship and both hope to find a better life, happiness and love.

Dir. Guido Verelst