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New Queer Visions

4 Episodes Drama, LGBT

New Queer Visions: The Last Days of Innocence - When adulthood looms, naivety may fade - but the urge to play can take on a disturbing new dimension. These four beguiling European stories, from acclaimed film festivals the world over, explore these years of youthful wonder with a deftness and artistry that lingers.


Simon Royer , Schemci Lauth (Julien) , Paulin Jaccoud (Alban) , Borce Nacev (Darko) , Herman Tajovský (David) , Krystof Brand (Marek)


Dominik György


Benoît Duvette


Simon Guélat




In a misty lakeside forest far far away, two boys are on the run, playing catch-up with the feelings they must confront. In the hollow of the night, alone, their pains and their fears eventually come to the surface.​

Dir. Benoît Duvette



Alban lives in a remote and picturesque Swiss ski town with his mother. Every night, the teenager runs off to be with a new figure in his life - the mysterious Julien - a boy who shares a first name with the hero of the novel he’s avidly reading.

Dir. Simon Guélat



Nine-year-old daredevil Mario spends his days with his friends barrelling around the countryside surrounding the remote town where he lives. When the group meet the eccentric Borche - they face an adulthood they are not prepared for.

Dir. Andrey Volkashin

The Touching


Behind the door of David and older brother Marek’s bedroom is a hidden secret borne of their mutual self-discovery. But when their curiosity has crossed the limits of brotherly love, Marek begins to distance himself - something David struggles to understand.

Dir. Dominik György

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