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Boys On Film

11 Episodes Drama, Comedy, Romance, Short Films, LGBT

Bursting onto the scene, wide-eyed and keen, your first time with the boys was Hard Love. For a second you were In Too Deep – you dallied with the American Boy, travelling the Pacific Rim with Bad Romance on your tail. Now out of your teens, your Heroes behind you, the future is yours. Heaven Can Wait.

Come celebrate 20 years of BOYS ON FILM with the finest of gay short cinema for your eyes only. On the cusp of adulthood, the world’s longest running short film series is only getting started.




CHROMOPHOBIA (Tunisia, 6 mins) Dir. Bassem Ben Brahim

A beautiful animation charting the life of a gay man in Tunisia; his childhood, his self-discovery, his first love and the consequences when this is uncovered within his conservative community.



SLEEPOVER (Sweden, 9 mins) Dir. Jimi Vall Peterson

When Emil stays over in his friend Adam’s bed after a night at the cinema, there’s a tension in the air, and unspoken feelings are on the tip of his tongue. A film about friendship and the longing for something more



JUST ME (UK, 11 mins) Dir. Mickey Jones

Scott is preparing for his future with his wife-to-be, but when policeman Connor arrives on his doorstep this reignites feelings Scott had tried to bury. Consumed by the idea of what could have been, Scott finds himself sneaking off from his stag do to pursue this ghost from his past.



MINE (UK, 6 mins) Dir. Matthew Jacobs Morgan

Liam and Ben are fathers to baby Lottie. Biologically Ben is the father, and as his bond with their baby flourishes, Liam feels left behind.



DON’T BLAME JACK (UK, 29 mins) Dir. Dale John Allen

As Jack comes to terms with his new medication, he longs for the adrenaline-fueled manic highs he’s given up. Is sanity and stability worth the sacrifice? Jack finds himself searching and failing to find moments of magic, until he meets Frank…



FOREIGN LOVERS (US, 19 mins) Dir. Timothy Ryan Hickernell

Sparks ignite when an actor and a foreign dancer meet in New York, and the two artists share an immediate connection that surprises and scares them both. It begs the question; can you fall in love with someone in 24 hours? A meditation on life and love in the digital age.



MANKIND (UK, 13 mins) Dir. Layke Anderson

Will is restless. He loves Evan, but it is not in his nature to settle, and when he has a shot at the adventure of a lifetime, he’s prepared to leave love and the Earth behind. ‘Mankind’ reflects on the idea of human beings as explorers by nature, and on the consequences of standing still for too long.



ISHA (UK, 15 mins) Dir. Christopher Manning

Rahmi, a Romanian immigrant living in England, creates a new life for himself whilst trying to keep up appearances with his Muslim family. Costars renowned Romanian actress Maia Morgenstern and Game of Thrones’ Lino Facioli alongside newcomer Hora Savescu as Rahmi.



RUOK (US, 13 mins) Dir. Jay Russell

Best friends Alex and Brian have a bitter fight, entirely via text message, when one of them sleeps with the other’s crush. But, just as things seem to settle, an unexpected development may lead to yet another riff.



MANIVALD (Estonia/Croatia/Canada, 13 mins) Dir. Chintes Lundgren

Manivald is turning 33. He feels content but claustrophobic, being smothered by his mother and her expectations. When foxy Toomas arrives to fix their washing machine, his affection towards Manivald leads to a sexual and emotional awakening.



THE WORLD IN YOUR WINDOW (New Zealand, 15 mins) Dir. Zoe McIntosh

Eight-year-old Jesse struggles to comfort his grief-stricken father who refuses to face the past, acknowledge the present or plan for the future. They are stuck, until an unlikely friendship with the tattooed, V8-driving Repa unlocks the means for Jesse to liberate his father and himself.

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