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Boys Feels

5 Episodes Drama, Coming of Age

Boys Feels: I Love Trouble - Whether it’s playing games in a military zone, cheating at school tests, crossing borders for cheap thrills or doing whatever it takes to make illicit money - these boys know that with every risk, they move closer and closer to an irreversible jeopardy.


Thijs Boermans (Thijs) , Mathieu Lourdel (Seb) , Lukas Auksoraitis (Edgaras) , Devi Couzigou (Mathieu) , Simon Boutin (Denis) , Sarunas Zenkevicius (Viktoras) , Maximilien Decorse (Max) , Jordy Coens (Leon)


Simon Guélat


Sarah Veltmeyer




Leon struggles to interpret his feelings when his mother begins a relationship with a new man.

** Dir. Sarah Veltmeyer **

The Last Day of School


On the last day of school Edgaras is approached by old friend Viktoras, who proposes that the pair make a quick buck by crossing the border.

** Dir. Gabriele Urbonaite **

Tree House


In an attempt to cling onto what they had, Denis invites Mathieu for one last night at the tree house.

** Dir. Simon Guélat **



Four friends court danger when they steal their school’s exam papers.

** Dir. Giancarlo Sánchez **



Vivian, Max and Tom are in a race against time to raise enough money to go to summer camp.

** Dir. Michaël Dichter **

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