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Boys Feels

5 Episodes • Drama, Coming of Age

Boys Feels: Desire in the Dark - Young minds are of the malleable kind in these five award-winning short films that offer a glimpse of what goes on inside the heads of impressionable youngsters. From the desire to confront one’s demons to escaping the the family unit or a life of sexual services, explore the lives of characters going through what is only the start of their complex formative years.




In an institution for young sex offenders, Markus attempts to process and understand the disturbing behaviours of his past.

** Dir. Isabella Carbonell **



Adrian works as a hustler on the streets of Zurich. Between turning tricks he receives phone calls from his sister in Romania.

** Dir. Simon Pfister **

Tomer and Elias


Alex, in observing his parents’ behaviour, tries to keep brother Sven by his side through using their Mum and Dad’s methods.

** Dir. Cleo Julia Mullis **



Emir goes to meet his father for a weekend picnic at the penitentiary. Beneath the surface, emotions bristle and chafe.

** Dir. Jure Pavlović **

Kiem Holijanda


Andi becomes obsessed with a card of a Dutch porn star in his bedroom. Meanwhile, brother Florist plots his escape.

** Dir. Sarah Veltmeyer **

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