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Boys Feels

5 Episodes • Drama, Coming of Age

Boys Feels: Desire in the Dark - Young minds are of the malleable kind in these five award-winning short films that offer a glimpse of what goes on inside the heads of impressionable youngsters. From the desire to confront one’s demons to escaping the the family unit or a life of sexual services, explore the lives of characters going through what is only the start of their complex formative years.


Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs (Markus) , Kristoffer Trigell (Lukas) , Max Krause (Adrian) , Andi Bajgora (Andi) , Florist Bajgora (Florist) , Mingus Claessen (Alex) , Noah de Kruijf (Sven) , Marcus Lindgren (Tobbe)


Sarah Veltmeyer


Simon Pfister


Jure Pavlovic




In an institution for young sex offenders, Markus attempts to process and understand the disturbing behaviours of his past.

** Dir. Isabella Carbonell **



Adrian works as a hustler on the streets of Zurich. Between turning tricks he receives phone calls from his sister in Romania.

** Dir. Simon Pfister **

Tomer and Elias


Alex, in observing his parents’ behaviour, tries to keep brother Sven by his side through using their Mum and Dad’s methods.

** Dir. Cleo Julia Mullis **



Emir goes to meet his father for a weekend picnic at the penitentiary. Beneath the surface, emotions bristle and chafe.

** Dir. Jure Pavlović **

Kiem Holijanda


Andi becomes obsessed with a card of a Dutch porn star in his bedroom. Meanwhile, brother Florist plots his escape.

** Dir. Sarah Veltmeyer **

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