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Boys Feels

4 Episodes Drama, Coming of Age

Boys Feels: High Tide - Like tears in the rain, water is the metaphor for growing pains and so much more in these four tales about young boys coming to terms with a host of emotions for the very first time. These polished productions and festival favourites are brought to you by a host of talented directors from across Germany, Denmark, France and the Netherlands.


Michaël Abiteboul (Serge) , Tom Gramenz (Dimi) , Timo Jacobs (Steffen) , Jorrit de Jong (Daan) , Adam Lenglen (Jean) , Mika Seidel (Mathias)


Hannes Hirsch


Mari Sanders


Emmanuel Laborie




​It’s the summer holidays in 1979. 10-year-old Jean realizes that his mother and father don’t love each other anymore.

** Dir. Emmanuel Laborie **

Go Daan Go


Nine-year-old Daan decides to take up swimming once he discovers his mother’s old swimming medals in the attic.

** Dir. Mari Sanders **

The Boy in the Ocean


12 year old Mathias discovers his first sexual experience on a sailing boat.

** Dir. Friedrich Tiedtke **

Beach Boy


On the cusp of adulthood, Dimi goes to spend the summer at the beach with his older brother, Steffen, where he becomes infatuated by Steffen’s new girlfriend.

** Dir. Hannes Hirsch **

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