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Curated by Peccadillo’s own Matthew Scaramozzino, In Bloom is a collection of films featuring the tender youth. It is unsurprising that many filmmakers turn their cameras to record these stories, tracking their characters as they come to terms with their bodies and identities and showing us the most tender moments of the human experience.


In Bloom - Pivotal tales of youth.

North Sea Texas
1h 34m • Drama, Romance • 2011
1h 42m • Drama, Family • 2021
The Ciambra
1h 58m • Drama, Indie • 2017
1h 11m • Drama, Indie • 2018
My First Summer
1h 20m • Drama, Lesbian • 2022
Girls Lost
1h 46m • Drama
The Golden Dream
1h 48m • Drama • 2013

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