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1h 29m Drama, LGBTQ+ 2013

1985, Frankie is the new understudy for an up-and-coming San Francisco based modern dance company where six muscular male dancers move their way through bold, athletic choreography. Bad boy Todd, a handsome and established dancer, watches the innocent Frankie with interest and, as opposites attract, the pair quickly realise they may want to be more than just friends. When one of the dancers is injured Frankie must perform in his place – this is the opportunity of a lifetime but is Frankie good enough? Outside of work, Frankie and Todd\’s relationship deepens and together they face a new kind of test. A disease is spreading across the city and few know anything about it, except who it targets. But as they quickly learn to navigate a world filled with risk, they also find it is full of hope. With electrifying dance sequences and an 80s soundtrack, Test lovingly recreates gay life in 1980s San Francisco.


Scott Marlowe (Frankie) , Matthew Risch (Todd) , Evan Boomer (Tyler) , Kevin Clarke (Bill)


Chris Mason Johnson

Director of Photography

Daniel Marks




United States

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