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Lost And Delirious

1h 43m Drama, Romance, LGBTQ+

Mary (Mischa Barton, The O.C., St.Trinian’s) discovers that her roommates Tori (Jessica Paré, Mad Men) and Paulie (Piper Perabo, Coyote Ugly) are deeply in love with one another, yet when Tori’s younger sister finds out, and threatens to break the secret to her friends and family, Tori breaks off the relationship. Unable to deal with losing the other half to her whole, Paulie will do anything to get her ex-girlfriend back, even if it means risking her life. A highly acclaimed follow-up to the award-winning ‘Emporte-Moi’, Léa Pool’s ‘Lost and Delirious’ features a trio of young and talented actresses burning up the screen years before they went on to break Hollywood.


Léa Pool




United States

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