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In Their Room: London, Berlin, San Francisco

1h 55m โ€ข Documentary โ€ข 2013

Queer cinema pioneer, Travis Mathews (I WANT YOUR LOVE, INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR with James Franco) returns with a collection of erotic portraits of gay men.

Travelling to three of the most progressive cities in the world; San Francisco, Berlin and London, Mathewsโ€™ captures the raw emotion and essence of gay menโ€™s lives in a provocative, sensual and unique way.

The series veers from bedroom to bedroom, watching these men navigate relationships with themselves and those around them; lovers, partners, friends. Some single, others coupled, some hooking up โ€“ all over the course of one day.

For the first time ever, all three of Mathewsโ€™ real-life narratives are brought together in one intimate collection, In Their Room.


Travis Mathews


English, Italian, German


United States

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