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Break My Fall

1h 49m โ€ข Drama, Romance, LGBTQ+

Kanchi Wichmannโ€™s blistering film debut explores a metropolitan underbelly that thrives with life and danger, whose lost souls flit between midnight raves and morning fry-ups. In this maelstrom are girlfriends Lisa and Sally, and their gay best friends Kyle and Vin. They have a band to pull together and a birthday to celebrate, yet over the space of three heady nights in the party capital, their lives will change forever. Featuring music from rising stars of the UK independent music scene - Micachu, Plug, Wet Dog, Peggy Sue, Sam Amant, Alan MX, old favourites The Raincoats, Scout Niblett and Numbers and of course Sally and Lisaโ€™s band Blanket!


Kanchi Wichmann


Dawid Pietkiewicz


Gaia Borretti




United Kingdom

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