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Any Day Now

1h 37m • Drama, LGBTQ+ • 2015

Los Angeles, California, 1978. When singer, Rudy Donatello (Tony Award winner, Alan Cumming) meets ambitious lawyer, Paul Fliger (Garret Dillahunt), little do they know they are about to embark on the biggest and most important journey of their lives. When Rudy’s neighbour is arrested and sent to jail, the couple take in her teenage son, Marco (Isaac Leyva) and they quickly become the family that Marco has always wanted. But when their alternative living arrangements are exposed, the family become subject to prejudice from everyone around them. The pair then becomes embroiled in a fight against a biased legal system to keep the child they have come to love as their own.


Alan Cumming (Rudy Donatello) , Garret Dillahunt (Paul Fliger)


Travis Fine




United States


Peccadillo Pictures

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