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Here Come The Girls 2: Gleeful Desire

Director: Pratibha Parmar, Jamie Babbit, Sally El Hosaini, Erin Greenwell, Christine Chew, Angela Robinson, Ch
Language: English
Cast: Jane Lynch, Dania Ramirez, Brianne Davis, Indra Ové , Amber Rose Revah, Beatriz Romilly

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Featuring short films from established lesbian film directors from the UK and across the pond, a wide selection of themes and narratives focusing on lesbian romance and women in love are touched upon, from controversial encounters such as rebelling against a homophobic high school prom, first-time follies at the local dyke bar, poisionous potions and gun-totin’ schoolgirls!

Memoirs of an Evil Stepmother - Dir. Cherien Dabis (USA) 18mins
Starring Jane Lynch, Shaina Fewell
Meet Blanche Monroe, otherwise known as 'the Evil Stepmother', an out-of-work daytime drama queen. When her stunning stepdaughter (Snow White) is discovered by a hotshot Hollywood agent (Mirror, Mirror on the wall), Blanche's jealousy nearly drives her to the brink of insanity.

D.E.B.S - Dir. Angela Robinson (USA) 11mins
Starring Alexandra Breckenridge, Shanti Lowry, Clare Kramer
A fun, sexy, rocking action spoof where D.E.B.S. special agents (clothes-obsessed and dressed in plaid, pleated skirts) are recruited through the SATs to fight their evil nemesis, Lucy in the Sky, who relentlessly kidnaps Special Agent Amy to have her not-so-evil-way with her.

Wavelengths  – Dir. Pratibha Parmar (UK) 15mins
Starring Indra Ové, Lisa Gornick, Faith Edwards
Pratibha Parmar (Nina's Heavenly Delights) directs Indra Ové (The Fifth Element) in a cult, ethereal film about a woman's search for emotionally safer sex via gay bars and the internet. Featuring music from Kylie Minogue, Skunk Anansie and Everything But The Girl, with photography by Nan Goldin.

Henna Night – Dir. Sally El Hosaini (UK) 12mins
Starring Amber Rose Revah, Beatriz Romilly, Badria Timimi
Set within the home of a British-Arab family, Henna Night takes you on a journey full of food, magic, and manipulation subtly exploring a darker side of love. Starring Amber Rose Revah (I Can’t Think Straight, From Paris With Love) and Badria Timimi (Doctors).

Falling For Caroline - Dir. Christine Chew (Canada) 20mins
Starring Yanna Baizer, Shannon Currie
To win the girl of her dreams, a klutzy young woman must overcome a wardrobe malfunction and the bad lesbian habit of over-processing a good thing.

Promtroversy – Dir. Leanna Creel (USA) 12mins
Starring Jane Lynch, Brianne Davis, Heather Habecker
It's prom season again in Sherman Valley, Ohio, prelude to the biggest night on the town's social calendar. But this year, something's different. Cassie Stephenson, the local high school's only know lesbian student, will be attending prom and wants to run for prom king!

Overnight Book - Dir. Erin Greenwell (USA) 20mins
Starring Lana Porter, Cameron Oro, Carolyn Purcell
A passionate teenage misfit, Mary, and washed up gay adult writer, Bobby, meet in a dingy diner to help Bobby write his overnight book. While doing so, Mary goes on a twilight journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Little Black Boot - Dir. Colette Burson (USA) 16mins
Starring Jane Lynch, Dania Ramirez, Carmen Plumb
Goth-girl Cindy admires beautiful Laurie from afar, until the night when she dresses as a boy for the prom. Will this gender-bending Cinderella find true love when she leaves behind her little black boot?

Stuck - Dir. Jamie Babbit (Canada) 7mins
Starring Jennie Ventriss, Jeanette Miller, Eden Sher
Two aging lesbians have a heated argument that leads to an unexpected outcome involving a traffic accident deep in the California desert. From prominent lesbian film director Jamie Babbit (But I’m A Cheerleader, The Itty Bitty Titty Committee)
DVD/BD Extras:
Subtitles for the hard of hearing.
Cast: Jane Lynch, Dania Ramirez, Brianne Davis, Indra Ové , Amber Rose Revah, Beatriz Romilly
Director: Pratibha Parmar, Jamie Babbit, Sally El Hosaini, Erin Greenwell, Christine Chew, Angela Robinson, Ch
Country: USA / UK
Certificate: 15
Duration: 140 minutes
Soundtrack: Dolby Digital 2.0
Aspect ratio: 16 x9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Language: English
Released: 2010-07-12
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